Your advices are appreciated. The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 17:04:04 GMT) Here's another one. The chic with the spiked pants would be a problem. I do see a cute blonde in the right corner. I had a target.S. I got even more excited knowing she would go home dressed like a slag and tell her fianc that some nigga sodomized her through her skirt." And to this I say hahahahahaha :-)! I don't go for Asians much as they usually just don't have the kinda ass I like.

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    Guest (Tue 05:55:25 GMT) Arm Humper Increased Interest in Frotteurism So are you proud of your accomplishments then? WannaBeMolested (Tue 07:05:48 GMT) Tips on getting molested in Japan As per the subject, I want to get molested on the train in Japan. The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 05:54:14 GMT) Re: Advice To add further and expand upon what Guestz said, you can also go for it year-round actually with general admission, dark, in-door concerts and events. My only worry now is idiots with ill-intentions like the guy in Las Vegas. Eric (Sun 00:33:11 GMT) Untitled Nice story Aaragon! Captain_Chikan (Tue 15:54:38 GMT) January on the Bus (warning: she may be 20 years old) How are people in the forum? I usually record with my underwater camera but the memory card was too small for it so I tried groping instead. Other legal considerations - if there have been previous instances of sexual devianc 951 more byte(s click here!

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    Guinnevere leaves the King Arthur for Lancelot, because she like his lance a lot. Ayashi, here is a question for you. Ml Guest42 (Thu 16:58:16 GMT) PornstarX Do you have the video of him busting his nut on his coworker? General tips are: 1) be creative - women love it 2) be insistent - women love it 3) hide your hand from her field of view (using bag, outerwear etc). Guest (Fri 20:37:16 GMT) You can't be serious, Cum on man?! Webmaster: ayashi (Thu 23:59:45 GMT) Re: Euphoria search button The search button at the bottom of the board uses google search engine. This is a frotteurism forum. I am in the UK and will stay around here for the rest of March. The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Tue 16:54:44 GMT) Ha! I havenât seen her all this time. Then I heade 495 more samleie video av menneske live sex cam nettsteder byte(s click here! And, I fuck pretty girls in the butt (literally) whenever I find the opportunity. Re Junior, that is one sweet arse right there. As the event progresses, and time draws nearer to the headliner(s) taking stage, the crowd grows - sometimes surging - to get a spot as close upfront to the mid point of where the st 2610 more byte(s click here! Anyway it looks like she's already ruined her life with stress and alcohol. Registered member: RED dragon (Mon 21:08:14 GMT) Re Guestz Damn dude, this is indeed a candidate for Man of the Month! Don't let your conclusions fool ya'! That's what I'm shooting for, and ultimately shooting against! Style (edit) The sentence, "Then shit hit the fan when Rider #2 reached into his backpack to obtain a can of mace" should read as, ".Rider #3 reached into his backpack." Do you wanna' ride?: Easy Rider (Fri 00:55:30 GMT) Chikan street beef,.A.

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    I'd love someone to grope my fiancee! Did you throw shade? I prepared my weapon for battle then mounted her posterior. Once that happens it's truly game over. Registered member: Buttmasher (Mon 05:15:41 GMT) Whootay! No matter who thinks what. It was relatively brief but intense, and ended with me shooting a large load of seed that I had saved up over 9 days.

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